Darling & Dapper is a family run business. Vanessa and Allison are sisters and Zena is Vanessa’s daughter Quin Our Barber is Zena's husband. You will also see Natalya and Vienna (Vanessa’s other daughters) as well as Taylor (Allison’s daughter) running our front desk and helping out with other tasks.    

Because we have a combined 27 years of experience, we have branched into our own family business to offer our guests the very best in beauty services. 

Our Name

Darling & Dapper Hair Salon and Beauty Emporium started out as “Oh Darling” a saying that is very dear to our hearts as our Mom and Nana called us all “darling” and used the expression “Oh Darling” all the time.  So we really wanted Darling used in our name.  The name became Darling & Dudes, as we wanted our male guest to feel included.  Then the suggestion of Darling & Dapper came to us from one of our guests, and we loved it!  It has a Classic Hollywood/ Old English appeal. 

Darling & Dapper it is! Hair Salon was obvious and Beauty Emporium came about because, one of Zena's favorite movies is “Mr Magorium's" Wonder Emporium.  So was born, Darling & Dapper Hair Salon and Beauty Emporium.

Green & Our Environment

Green!  We are a green salon and spa.  We recycle, compost, buy conscientiously and use products that are environmentally and animal friendly, organic, natural and vegan.  To us green represents being environmentally responsible and it happens to be Vanessa’s favorite colour.

Our Elephant

You may notice the elephants in our decor. The Elephant was our Mom's & Nana's favorite animal, and in turn it became one of our favorite animals.  Elephants have one of the strongest family units in the wild.  They are caring, kind, and nurturing to those in their pack, as we are and strive to be to our family and our guests.