The Minds Behind the D&D Blog

Hello Darling!

It's been a year since Darling and Dapper opened, and to celebrate we did two things; started a blog, and we're throwing a party! This last year has been a learning experience, and we wanted to show our appreciation for our lovely guests. Make sure to keep up with our Instagram to find out details on the event!

Welcome to our Darling and Dapper blog, we wanted a place for you to come and find everything you need to know about our salon, and our services. We will be giving you our best tips and tricks for things like how to make your hair color last, care for your lash extensions, skincare tips, and aftercare for microblading. We wanted to educate on what services we offer, through personal and customer experience.


We thought it was best to start was by telling the readers a little bit about ourselves. Zena is the lovely hair connoisseur,  and I am Maddie the local blogger and beauty fanatic. 

Zena was forced into hair styling by her mother, and it was the greatest decision her mother ever made for her. It very quickly became a passion, and now her full time career. Zena and I met over a year ago, while she was doing my hair. The miracle worker managed to bleach my full head of hair without killing it completely. After the salon had opened, Zena had the idea for this blog, where I happily stepped in to help. 


The salon is family run and green focused. They like to support local businesses, and embrace individuality, and everything pretty.  The main goal at Darling and Dapper is to create a personal connection with everyone that walks in the door. Everything about our salon is very personal, from the name to the color scheme. The salon was opened on February 25th, 2017, and since then Zena has done plenty of hair, learned how to run a business, all while balancing a home life. 

Zena used to educate for Kevin Murphy, traveling around the lower mainland to teach other stylists. She has taught for about a year. She's worked in multiple fashion shows including, Vancouver's Alternative Fashion Week, London Alexander, and Kevin Murphy. 

I am Maddie, I am a beauty and fashion blogger from the Fraser Valley. I have been blogging for about a year now and will be going to school for my Communication degree. I always go to Zena for pro hair and beauty advice, as she researches everything before using it. I am excited to be blogging for the lovely ladies at Darling and Dapper, this next year is going to be a good one! There are lots of goodies in store.


Yours Truly,