Why Nova Lash

Nova Lash's "mission statement" if you will is "no lash left behind", the idea that you want to get the most out of your lash extensions. 


Darling and Dapper chose Nova Lash because it isn't like other lash extensions. While it is suggested to stay away from oil based products, it is not necessary. Speaking from personal experience, I am two weeks in to having these lashes and I have found that I have more left on my lashes than I expected. 


When you come into the salon for your lashes, you are greeted as usual but the lovely ladies and whichever dog might be visiting that day. Then you are taken into a separate room, given a blanket, calming music, and a heating pad for your back. Now this has to be one of the most relaxing experiences, if I wasn't working I might've just fallen asleep.



If you have never received extensions before, I will explain what goes down. So first, make sure you show up to your appointment fresh faced. You don't want any make up on, or around your eyes. Next, to protect your lower lashes, there is an eye patch placed to stick them down. Then the process starts. For your first appointment, it's about an hour to glue the extensions on, but as you continue getting them filled it won't take as long because your technician won't be starting from scratch.



I love lash extensions because of how awake I look. I can just wake up and feel more or less presentable (assuming my hair isn't a nightmare). I find I wear less make up, and my skin starts to look better because I'm wearing make up less often. However, when I do wear make up, I don't have to worry about using an oil based remover to get off my eye make up.


So far, I expect these lashes to last about another three weeks (which means five weeks total), but keep in mind it follows your natural lash growth. If you have a fast lash cycle, your fills will happen more frequently than someone who has a slower lash growth.


Also a PSA before I finish up this post, make sure you do your research. Just because it's a good deal, doesn't mean you should try it out. Please look into where you are going, look at past experience, and don't go in clueless. I (of course) recommend the lovely Darling and Dapper ladies for all of your beauty needs, but Vanessa is great at what she does. She has been a technician for six years now, and makes sure you have a comfortable experience. 


Thanks as always for keeping up with us at Darling and Dapper, and we will see you soon.


Yours truly,